By the time you read this the New Year will have started. Happy New Year. 2020 promises to be a year of great excitement and challenge for Calvary and other churches in the area. Many of our sister congregations in the area will begin to run out of money this year. The people in those congregations will have tough decisions to make. We pray for them. Closing the doors of “your” church building must be difficult because it must feel like change is being forced upon you. Humans don’t like change, and yet he nature of the church is changing. Those changes are happening faster than I ever thought they would. God has a direction for the church. We have no choice but to embrace each other and God’s will for our collective lives together.
Your leaders and I here at Calvary Lutheran Church will be open to the changes that this year will bring. I encourage all of you to pray for us and our community. As a community we will be looking at the mission of the church. What God is calling us to do and be in the coming year. We will be offering more opportunities for Bible Study this year. Mission can only happen when a person studies and listens to the word of God through prayer and study. Our new parish nurse will be providing education and assistance on all matter pertaining to our health. We will continue to visit our homebound members more regularly, bringing and sharing the Good News with them. This is going to be a busy year!
Finally, as we begin our twelfth year together, I am humbled by the call and confidence you have placed in me to be your pastor. We have all come along way in these years. Let us reflect on the past, but not dwell on it, because God is calling us to a bright and hope-filled future full of God’s LOVE. I am so proud to be your pastor
Pastor Bob