We are still here!  Thanks to all of you for your patience as we converted the method by which we produce our newsletter.  The Newsletter is now able to help us communicate more effectively online with those who benefit from our ministries.  A huge thank you also to Paula Hudak for all her efforts in making this change happen for the betterment of Calvary.

These are exciting and challenging times to be a Christian.  The church is changing, believe it or not the church is getting younger.  Older members are leaving to go home to be with Jesus, taking their traditions and how they served Christ with them.  A vacuum is left, and nature abhors a vacuum.  The transition from what the church was to what the church is and is going to be is well underway that is what makes these times so challenging.

Younger people have a different sense of calling than their parents or grandparents had.  Older people were comfortable with planting seeds and letting them go to germinate on their own and in their own time.  Younger people need to be instantly gratified.  They not only want to the plant the seeds, but fertilize them, put a sun lamp on them to give the seeds more energy to grow faster.  Then they want to trim the bush as it grows, pick the fruit and start all over again, right now!  The congregations that refuse to accept these realities I am afraid will not long continue to exist.

Part of the challenge is how do we work with both realities.  In the coming months we are going to be talking A LOT about mission and ministry.  We are going to be talking about what Calvary is currently doing and what Calvary will be doing in the future.  We will need to hear from all of you.  Every voice is important!

Some of you will be disappointed by the changes that are made.  Others will be upset because we do not go far enough in change.  This is OK.  There will be no winners or losers in these discussions. We will compromise and reach consensus as much as possible.  Through all of this please know that God loves you.  You are precious to Him.  The product of these discussions might be a very different looking Calvary.  Know that you will have a place here, because not only does God love you but I do as well, and I am eternally grateful and proud to be your pastor.



Pastor Bob