Pastor Bob's March Pondering:

Dear friends in Christ. Spring is coming! I know it seems like it is taking forever, but spring is on the way. Our Lenten journey has begun once again and I for one am very glad that Easter is later this year. I like it to be warm for Easter, now all we need is for mother nature to cooperate. Spring is a special time. Easter brings with it the promise once again of new life. We enjoy the promise of resurrection for sure, but we also have a new chance everyday to live into our baptism and live lives renewed by the Grace of God.

So many changes are happening to the wider church. God is bringing about new ways of thinking and being the church for us here on earth. Many of the changes come with challenges as we are compelled by God to let go of those things that keep us from following His will. The internal struggle we all face is how do I know that I am doing God’s will?

First and foremost, prayer. If you do not pray regularly you should try to pray at least once a day. Should you need help establishing a prayer discipline I would be happy to help you. Second, read and study the Bible. Note that I said read and study. Reading the Bible is a good practice but studying and exploring the scriptures with your brothers and sisters in Christ is essential to living the well-rounded Christian discipled life. We have a terrific group that will begin meeting again after Lent and YOU ALL are invited to attend!! Should you prefer another time let me know and we will accommodate you and who knows maybe you will start a whole new group here at Calvary.
Blessings to you all my dear friends. Please know that I you all are unceasingly in my prayers as we live, move and love together in the name of the risen savior Jesus Christ! I am so proud to be your pastor.


Pastor Bob