Christ is risen, alleluia! The resurrection of Jesus from the tomb is the central event of the Christian church. We celebrate because death has been conquered. Death has lost it’s sting. We celebrate because Jesus is alive. We celebrate because we live resurrected lives, lives of second chances. Jesus joins us at our cross and surrenders himself for our sake and promise’s to be present. Resurrection is not a one-time event in a far away land. Resurrection is the constant state of the church.

     What I have learned in my ten Easters as a pastor of the church is that this work never ends. We hit milestones, like first communions, and confirmations, graduations etc., but as disciples of Jesus our work never ends. There is always going to be lost and lonely voices in the world that need to be heard. We will always have the sick and the dying that will need our care. We will always have the poor with us (Jesus himself tell us this) to care for and feed.

     One other thing that I have learned is that we all must do this together. The oldest among us and the youngest, there is a place for everyone to serve and be served, not just by the pastor, but by each other, in Christian love and community. Encourage each other. Lift each other up, not just your family and friend, but everyone who you encounter. That is the nature of our God and His Son Jesus who has risen from the dead! Christ is risen, alleluia, He is risen indeed, alleluia. I am so proud to be your pastor.



Pastor Bob