Pastor’s Ponderings
We are back and better than ever! Thank you to so many folks who have put this new and improved Calvary Chronicle together. We are hoping that you find this newsletter a wealth of information and an inspiration for your walk with Jesus.
So much has happened since last I wrote a Pastor’s Ponderings. Instead of focusing on all the good things that have happened let us use this time to focus on the Light that is Jesus the Christ.
We are a blessed people. God has blessed us with so many gifts. The greatest of these gifts is His Son Jesus the Christ. The light of Christ shines in this world and the world needs that light more and more every day.
We all watch what happens in the world and it seems as though society and culture are moving away from God, and they are!! Christian life as we remember it is no more. Church attendance and commitment to Christian community is not an imperative for many people. Because of that, the size of communities’ shrink. Fear takes over and fear is the greatest enemy of the light of Christ. The light of Christ, however, cannot be dimmed. The light of Christ shines in the hearts of Christians across the world as we work together for justice and peace. The light of Christ shines in the minds of Christians as we work to comfort the sick and dying. The light of Christ shines in the bodies of people as we feed the 2 hungry and clothe the naked. WE are the light of Christ. Not just here on Sunday morning, but in all the places that we go. We are the light shining in the darkness. We are the hands and voice of Jesus as we reach out and speak of matters of injustice, hunger and poverty. This is our calling that we received in baptismal waters. We are fortified for this calling at the Table of our Lord. We are moved to action not by miracles or wonders, but by that still, small voice that leads us to live as the light of Christ. Let us ever dwell in the light of Christ. I am so proud to be your pastor.
Pastor Bob