The world we live in is full of noise. We are bombarded with messages and noise. Turn on the TV, noise, worry, fret and stress. We can see and hear and feel; our emotions get all stirred up. Movies and entertainment temp us with images of sex, intrigue and
glamour. Behind all the emotion is fear .Fear that we will not have enough. Fear that we will lose. Fear that we are not good enough. Fear that we are to fat Fear that we are too skinny  Fear that we will not be loved, or worse that we are unlovable. You can name just about anything and behind whatever negative emotion we will find fear. These fears are the precursors of other emotions, most likely anger. All these things lend themselves to the noise of the world. World noise leads us away from God, and we set up false gods that we worship.
An infant in the first moments of life must learn how to breathe. The first thing we learn is the voluntary response of breathing. Think about it for a moment. We can hold our breath. We cannot stop our hearts from beating which is an involuntary response our body creates when an electrical signal is sent from the brain to the heart. Christians believe that all things, even the air we breathe comes from God. When we breathe, we take in the very life essence of God. God who gives the gift of life fills us with the air we need to live. The ancient church fathers and mothers understood that breath is a Holy thing. Breathing is a Holy thing of God that is important for sustaining all life.
Silence. The power of silence. It is only in the silence that we find God. Elijah encountered windstorms, earthquakes and tremendous fires, all very loud noises, but never found God in any of those things. Elijah never found God in the noise .Elijah found God only in the “sheer silence.” (1Kings 19: 12).We too find God only in the silence .The noise of the world drowns out and distracts us from God. Embrace the silence. God is waiting for us in the silence.
While I was on retreat, I discovered that if I remain silent and focus my breathing, God is there. God is inside all of us. This is not sentimental emotion. This is not a product of the noise. This does not compute on an intellectual level. We wonder and search and look for God in the noise of the world, and God is right here with us. “I am with you always even unto the end of the age.” (Matthew
28).Everywhere is God. God is everywhere. Loving us, giving us breath, walking with us
along the journey of life. God is also perfecting us, creating with the breath new life every day, in every way.
Long for the silence. Enjoy the breath .Enjoy  God I am so proud to be your pastor.


Pastor Bob